Services for the Health Care Industry

ASV Partners Chartered Accountants can help corporations within the medical sector including research centres, pharmaceutical companies and large scale service providers. Services include:

  • Structuring to limit liability and maximise return
  • Regulatory compliance, bookkeeping and payroll services.
  • Income tax and using the taxation system to build wealth.
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial planning, superannuation and investments.
  • Estate planning & business succession.
  • Protection, life insurance, income & asset protection.

ASV Partners works with health professionals at all levels – from salaried medical practitioners to principals of small and medium sized practices. Services include: 

Services for practitioners

Practice structuring – ownership, shareholder agreements, contractual advice, admission and retirement of participants

  • Valuation services
  • Service Trusts
  • Tax effective practice financing
  • Medical book keeping
  • Medical remuneration
  • Practice sales, acquisitions and mergers
  • Flexible practice ownership structures
  • Taxation and financial reporting services
  • Practice Management mentoring and assistance

Students & Interns

Have you just graduated? From Chiropractic,  Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry Graduates, the future holds great opportunities for both professional and financial rewards. Our aim is to maximise the financial rewards for you.

Getting the right advice when you are starting your career can help establish your long term financial well-being and assist you to realise the lifestyle you hope to achieve. Services include:

  • Taking advantage of generous salary packaging provisions for eligible employees of Public Hospitals
  • Insurance – Income Protection and Trauma
  • Maximising your Tax Return and legally minimising the tax you pay

Medical Research carried out by ASV Partners Clients

Doctors and specialists using a tax paying entity could be eligible to a Government’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive.

  •  In the 2011 financial year, this was a 125% deduction of eligible R&D Expenditures.
  • In the 2012 financial year it has increased to 150% deduction of eligible R&D Expenditures.

The research and concepts for the R&D projects would need to be substantiated from robust research work and studies – from journals, seminars, conferences, AMA guidelines, clinical experiences.

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