Science and technology based companies may be able to claim 150% of research & development (R&D) costs against taxable profit. This can even lead to a company receiving cash back from the ATO if the claim creates or enhances a tax loss.

ASV Partners invites you to request a field visit to determine if your business is eligible for the Federal Government R&D Tax Incentive (in 2013 and beyond) for your innovation programs.

The 2013 benefits delivers a 45% cash deduction or entitlement for eligible R&D expenditures that involve systematic innovation, experimentation, investigative research, and the managing of technical risk associated with the development of new products, new processes, or the capture of new knowledge.

We can discuss how ASV Partners will provide a turn-key service, to enable you to assess the eligible cash eduction of 45 cents in the dollar for registered R&D projects.

You are invited to make contact and request an obligation-free discussion.

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