For many business owners, franchising is an appealing method of expansion. If you suspect your business may lend itself to being franchised, but are unsure how or where to start the process of creating this opportunity, then talk with us. We are franchisors as well as experienced franchise accountants, so we understand the intricacies and viability of this structure. Becoming a franchisor is not a simple decision, but with the right advice it can be an extremely rewarding one.

The process

  • First we help you identify whether your business can in fact be franchised:
    • Is the current business model working? Can you demonstrate success?
    • Is it salable? Does it have credibility, uniqueness, and brand attractiveness?
    • Can you clone it? Is the business model easily and readily duplicated?
    • Can you provide the franchisee with an adequate return?
    • Are you committed to providing value to franchisees through great marketing, relationships and training?
    • Do you have the capital for set up costs such as legals, training programs, documentation development and marketing for lead generation?
  • If the answer is YES, we then step you through our tried and tested process to prepare your franchise for sale:
    • Organise the legals
    • Set up the systems and procedures (manuals, training programs)
    • Create the marketing strategy