Mediation is an increasingly necessary, but not always pleasant, service required by both business and individual clients. In the case of commercial partnerships, when something goes wrong it is often in the best interest of the company as a whole to bring in a third party to settle any issues. If a dispute ends up in court, a business can be penalised for not trying mediation first. Avoiding court action will also save a lot of time and money in legal costs, as well as possible negative publicity.

A good mediator can bring fast resolution to any resentment that has been festering for a long time, and there is usually a high success rate if all parties are willing to resolve their differences. It’s important to remember that the disagreement will also adversely affect others beyond the central warring parties, so a professional mediator can help manage these relationships and any possible outcomes too.

The team at ASV Partners has experience leading parties through the mediation process, with the aim of achieving an amicable settlement for all involved.

Some of the matters that may benefit from mediation include:

  • Divorce and matrimonial disputes
  • Commercial dispute mediation and resolution
  • Workplace and employment conflict resolution
  • Strategies for family businesses in conflict